Mobile communication without limits

Conveniently send local-language calls and/or SMS to the mobile phones of thousands of people
anywhere in the world, reaching beyond barriers in language, literacy, and connectivity.

SMS Messaging

Send SMS messages to your users instantly and in bulk, at a fraction of the traditional cost. Reach users on any feature or smart phone and on any mobile network.

Voice Messaging
All Languages
Scheduling Tool

More than just mobile surveys

Create customized surveys to reach thousands at a fraction of the cost of traditional techniques. Data is collated
in real-time and data quality is assured. Mobile surveys can be conducted via Voice, SMS and/or Android.

Voice Surveys

Record and deliver survey content in the local language preferred by each user. Users respond by via mobile phone keypads or by recording their own personalised voice responses. This helps to conduct simple surveys in the respondent’s preferred language, in real time.

Offline Enabled
Response Skip Logic
Device Compatibility

Gain actionable insights

Turn survey results into actionable insights with data analytics and visualizations that bring results and trends to life. Results
are available in near real-time, at individual and collated levels, and exportable to preferred systems for further analysis.

Real-time Data

Monitor messages as they are sent and received, and view survey results in near real-time as they are obtained from the field. Easily access analyses of the data received and the impact of messages.

Dynamic Analyses
Individual Response Viewer
Data Export

Take MERGDATA even further

Advanced technical features, customized applications, and consultations from technical and implementation
specialists are here to help design, build, and deliver services that meet your needs.

Inventory Tracking

Input and track inventory with customized bar-coded tags that can be scanned using the android platform. This offers real-time insights into the movement of products throughout the supply chain.

Customer Profiling
Customization & Support